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Welcome to Farmers' Market Taranaki

Real Good Food >> From Real Good Locals >> Taste Before You Buy.

Your Sunday morning local food market is set in the heart of New Plymouth on Currie Street  (Huatoki Plaza in winter months).

Farmers' Market Taranaki is a vibrant scene for Taranaki locals and also visitors to the province. Check out some photos here... Click Here

As per our not-for-profit Trust Charter our aim is to provide fresh healthy local produce at fair prices, create an environment where smaller and start-up local businesses can enter the market, be a place where friends can meet and where consumers can discuss directly with producers.

The "Join us", "Documents" and to some extent "Aims" sections are primarily for those thinking about becoming a stallholder.

Other sections explain more about what the market looks like, what you can expect to find at the market and who you can expect to meet there.

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